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The Mundane Ghost is the fourth illustrated short story of narrative poems by artist Jeffrey Schweitzer
Author:Jeffrey SchweitzerThe Mundane GhostPublished by Bindlestick BooksISBN: 978-0-692-77061-0
Special edition hardcover book. Signed copy
8 x 8 inches

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What goes bump in the night? Oh, that’s just the Mundane Ghost doing his dishes. This friendly ghost has no time for ghostly activity. He would rather be mowing the lawn or hanging his laundry than frightening people. So, while other ghosts are doing their best to scare you to death, the Mundane Ghost is in the backyard inflating his bicycle wheel.

This delightfully funny illustrated short story is the fourth book of narrative poetry and pen and ink illustrations by artist Jeffrey Schweitzer. Look for other titles by Jeffrey Schweitzer available through Bindlestick Books.